Selasa, 8 Mac 2011


i thought u r smart enough to understand me,
but u don't,
makes me think u aren't that smart,

i thought u were sensitive to others' feeling and thoughts,
as u were so sensitive if people did not care about u and treat u badly,
but u were not, and u treated people badly,
makes me think u aren't that sensitive yet u r selfish,

i thought i could count on u when i was in trouble,
yet u r one of the source of my pain n trouble...

this was my history, and i'm tired enough to go thru it again,
but if this is again my path that i have to take,
to Allah  pray and i put my hope on,
don't make me fall again, pls make my heart n mind strong,
so that i won't cry again for someone who doesn't deserve to be cry on

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