Selasa, 4 Ogos 2009

Class begins

Arabic Debating and Public Speaking Club IIUM is organizing arabic debate training class as usual... kelas dah start pun tapi masih belum terlambat lagi bg sesiapa yang br nk join kitorg.. so here are the details:

For current students (yang dh join kelas sem2 lepas)
Venue: HS Lecture Room 17
Time: Tuesday n Thursday (8-10 pm)

For beginners:

Venue: HS LR 17
Time: Monday and Wed (8-10 pm)

jom la join kitorg... mmg best debat nih.. lg2 mmg dapat tolong korg ckp arab ngan lebih baik, honestly speaking based on my experience, this is the fastest and most effective way to improve ur arabic speaking skill. besides bukan setakat tu je, more importantly it teaches you to be critical... and also makes you learn a lot of new things... so sign up and join us!

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